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"The Atlas Chiropractic Health Center has been a "God Send" to me. For the last 30 years of my life, I have suffered from headaches that would actually lay me up for 2-3 days at a time. They were so bad I have cried and cried that I just wanted some relief.

No pain medication would help. I could take a bottle of aspirin and still find no relief. Then I saw Dr. Amy Osenbaugh on TV doing a commercial for the Atlas Chiropractic Center. I immediately called and made an appointment. That was 9 months ago and I am now pretty much free of the headaches. Now minor headaches are relieved with an aspirin product. I can tell when I need to go have a treatment to keep from getting the terrible headaches of the past.

Thank you to Atlas Chiropractic Center and Dr. Osenbaugh. I can now enjoy my life."

Sharon Sanders
Des Moines, IA


Dr. Amy Osenbaugh
Atlas Chiropractic Health Center

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